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Compare Binary Options vs Forex

Binary options trading as well as Forex are market operations. The difference lies in difficulty of learning, level of income, risk management and transparency of price making.

There’s no easier way!
There is no need to learn trading theory to trade the binary options successfully. You don't make complicated calculations to predict price movement on the chart. It is enough to have a basic understanding of market to determine the trend of selected asset.
Requires experience in market analysis
Forex trading requires a preliminary knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis. A certain experience is needed for market volatility and trends calculation for different time frames.
Higher profitability
Market volatility doesn’t play important role in binary options. You will get the same level of income, regardless the size of movement. With Finpari your profitability may reach up to 90% of the invested amount from each trade!
Income depends from the volatility
In Forex your profitability is directly depended from amplitude of the market movements. During a quiet market, what happens to often last times, profitability is significantly going down.
Basic risk management
The potential risk of negative result in binaries is limited and is can be determined before making a trade. Trader always knows in advance the potential result of the trade. It considerably simplifies risk management of trading activity.
Hard to control level of risk
It's hard to preliminary predict potential trade result . Also, Forex market implies the use of leverage and make provoke a complete capital loss in a short term due to lack of margin.
No commissions and suddenness!
There are no commissions or other expenses with binary options. Your income from the trade will always be equal to your net profit!
Hidden commissions
By trading on forex, you pay spreads and commissions, which may significantly reduce your potential trading profit.
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